Sunday Gothics

Date SubjectSpeakerTimes
(London Time)
Online here
“Mysterious Influences”: Religion, Empathy and Illness in the Victorian Queer GothicBrontë Schiltz10 am
7 pm
‘It’s only Twilight if it’s from the Forks region; anything else is just sparkling vampire romance’: Twilight, the Gothic Novel and the Female ReaderKaja Franck10 am
6 pm
Online here “Is this our Great Becoming? Gender and Adaptation in the Hannibal Lecter Franchise”Mason Hawthorne10 am
9.30 pm
31st MayMore Terror than her reason could justify: Confronting the transcendent in RadcliffeSam Hirst10 am
7 pm
Online hereMessing With Your Castle, Telling Your Secrets, and Stealing Your Girl: Comics and the GothicS W
3 pm
10 pm
Online hereThe Testament of the Mexican MummyAbraham Castillo Flores4 pm
9 pm
Online hereGaily Ever After: Neo-Victorian M/M RomanceCaroline
10 am
7 pm
Online here‘Depraved’ Bisexuals: Biphobia and Bi-erasure in Post-Millennial Gothic TelevisionHayley Louise Charlesworth10 am
7 pm
To be RescheduledPlaying with the Gothic: Identities, Bodies and Gender in Tabletop Role-playing Games!Holly Jane Warrington10 am
7 pm
Online hereWhat You Buy is What You Own’: Neocolonial Masculinity, Appropriation, and Guilt in Pet Sematary Madelyn Schoonover10 am
7 pm
19th JulyDicing With Death: How D&D learned to love the GothicDan Pieterson10 am
7 pm
Online Here“Tales of ink and tears : a brief visual history of the gothic”Nadjah O3pm
2nd AugustAnne Rice’s Vampire Women between Impairment and PowerLaura Davidel10 am
7 pm
9th AugustThe Magic and Mysticism of Central Park: The Park’s Complicated History and How 19th Century Occult and Gothic Interests Inform Its CreationLeanna Renee HieberTBC
16th AugustA Spectacle of Gore and Horror: The French Revolution and its Gothic RepresentationsRenée RsnvaTBC
23rd AugustFunny Bones: A look at the Ossuaries of EuropeCat Irving10 am
7 pm
30th AugustGothic Food: Examples of Consumption and the Cruelty of its Consequences in Gothic LiteratureAlessandra Pino10 am
7 pm
6th SeptemberA Reluctant Movie: What happened between page and screenLucie Bea Dutton10 am
7 pm
13th September‘It wasn’t like any color I’d ever seen before’: Colour in Horror Film and LiteratureChelsea Davis4 pm
10 pm
20th September‘Curses, Corpses & Coffins: Egyptomania in 19th and 20th Century Britain’Rebecca Bruce10 am
7 pm
4th October‘And to Live in a New House Would Kill Me’:Transylvania in Gothic Literature vs Gothic Literature in TransylvaniaChristina Diamant10 am
7 pm
11th OctoberThe Thinly Veiled Metaphor of Vampires in LouisianaRose SinisterTBC
18th OctoberOld monsters are new again: the changing interpretations of Grendel’s mother in Beowulf.Eric JurgensTBC
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